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Will a Robot Take Your Job?

When I spoke at the Maryland Career Development Association annual conference last month, I enjoyed a keynote address from the president of the National Career Development Association, Sharon Givens. Among other fascinating trends and facts, she shared these about automation: 47% of US employment is at high risk of automation in the next decade or […]

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High School Advising Post-Gazette Article

I was thrilled to be the sole expert interviewed for an article by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for their March 20, 2022 Spring Education Guide. Reporter Vanessa Orr wrote the extensive piece, Career Counseling Can Help Students Make Grounded Choices. I hope you can share the article (below and linked) with parents of any high school […]

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Pandemic Insights

“What did you do during your summer vacation” has been replaced by “How are you managing during the pandemic?” It’s hard to believe summer is about over. It flew by for me being busier than ever with so many people re-evaluating their jobs and seeking greater happiness: pandemic perspective-taking. The photo featured is the “coffee […]


Green Jobs: Hot Jobs for a Cooler Climate

The pandemic has caused many to reflect on what is important in life, including work choices. Perhaps you or someone you know is wondering about how to make a difference in the world. Green jobs are one path. We’re not talking just science geeks anymore, though Energy Analyst job postings increased a whopping 88% in 2020. Sales Specialists in green industries also had a huge increase, by 62% last year. In recognition of Earth Day month, I’m featuring recent LinkedIn data…


Job Market: Linked In Analysis

LinkedIn published a special Jobs on the Rise report in January 2021 analyzing job listings between April and October 2020 since the economy has changed so much due to the pandemic. LinkedIn tracked the growth in listings for over 15,000 job titles to identify the ones that increased the most in 2020 compared with 2019. […]


After January 6, 2020 Trauma: Grief and Love

“Today we acknowledge the shadows, but we lean into the light.” This quote by Carrie Newcomer from Saturday’s Daily Good newsletter spoke to me in the aftermath of the traumatic events of January 6. Regardless of political leanings, I think her article can be relevant to many. This article spoke to me about hope and […]


A Prayer for America

In light of the January 6 events and the upcoming inauguration, I am sharing “A Prayer for America” that I believe can speak to most political and spiritual leanings. It is from the 1994 book, Illuminata, by Marianne Williamson. Dear God,We join in prayer to celebrate this nation and surrender its destiny to You.We give […]


Election Inspiration

Four years ago on election day, I shared the 1 minute music video of Building Bridges, which seems even more idealistic now than in 2016. I decided to re-share my idealism as I was reminded today of this inspiration from Abraham Lincoln: “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion […]

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Don’t Quarantine Your Career – Video Version

I wrote an article early in the pandemic about suggestions on how to take action even when you think there isn’t much you can do during difficult economic times. I was pleased to present a mini-program about this at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Career Expo on August 20. Whether you are unemployed or simply unhappy in […]

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Pandemic Work Wonderings

I wait and wonder                For those who are furloughed                Will I go back? Should I look?                How I ache for the familiar that I took for granted                Even the parts I hated. I wait and wonder                For those whose jobs may be insecure                Am I next?                In the […]

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Virtual Job Fair Tips

Register and Research: Register early to have the greatest access to materials. Research whether it is on-line written chat or video chat. Research employers, identify your top 5, take notes to use in interactions. Technology Tips: Review any written or video tips about the platform and event. Test your technology equipment. If video fair, have […]

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Help for High School Students and Parents

“The 6-year graduation rate for first-time, full-time undergraduate students who began seeking a bachelor’s degree at 4-year degree-granting institutions in fall 2011 overall was 60 percent.” People are often surprised by this data from a 2019 Department of Education report. I hope this information motivates high school students and their parents to think even more […]