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Life Lessons from My Linden Tree

My Linden tree did not turn out as I hoped. Perhaps that’s what you may be feeling about your career or your life. At times I lament making the “wrong choice.” Then I’m reminded that I’m always sharing with clients there is no one “right choice”. My Linden tree also gave me some happy surprises, […]

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Persistence – Book Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from my multi-award winning book, Help Wanted: An A to Z Guide to Cope with the Ups and Downs of the Job Search. For more information and to order: https://karenscareercoaching.com/help-wanted/ For 10 complimentary excerpts that you are free to share: https://karenscareercoaching.com/help-wanted-free-excerpts/ “Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.” […]

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Create More Joy

With all that is going on in the world, it is hard sometimes to allow joy.  Feeling joy in dark times can feel selfish or bring guilt.  Feeling joy while in the job search can seem unrealistic.  Yet joy is helpful for a full and healthy life. Joy is one of the topics in my […]

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Meet the Authors Event

I’m so excited to be one of 17 authors featured at this special event hosted by Beth Caldwell of Pittsburgh Professional Women this coming Tuesday from 5:30-7:30 PM. Cara Sapida from WPXI will be sharing the story of her book and all the authors will be briefly interviewed by Jennifer DiLucia from Spill with Me Jenny D. And if you have […]

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What Season Are You In?

As summer sets, I’ve been reflecting on seasons. Just yesterday, my daily meditation teacher shared the reflection below by Wu Men Hui K’ai related to seasons. What season is your life in? Your career? Your learning? Your family life?  Your volunteering? Your retirement? Are you in the new beginnings of spring whether actually in early […]

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What Musical Instrument Are You?

Sassy sax? Deliberate drum? Happy Harp? When I asked Spirit for my affirmation of the day at a group retreat vacation recently, I heard a lovely, lilting bird chirp.  Next was a staccato bird call…that one sounds more like me, I thought.  The affirmation that came to me was “I enjoy life’s symphony.” We all […]

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Monastery Musings: Direction

If you missed the May Monastery blog about DREAMS, click HERE. I recently made an interesting connection between my clients putting off getting professional assistance and my own recognizing that it could be helpful. In my last blog newsletter, I shared that I am a prolific nighttime dreamer.  The first night at my Erie hermitage […]