Business etiquette and professionalism are keys to individual and organization success. Whether the issue is being uncomfortable or inappropriate in business dining, awkward at networking receptions or abrupt with digital communication, best practices can help create the best outcomes. Many times actions come down to respect and civility. Learning best practices shows respect for oneself and one’s organization.

Karen Litzinger has been a prominent speaker and trainer on workplace etiquette and professionalism for over a dozen years training thousands of employees. She is also available for individual coaching, and sometimes receives referrals from supervisors. Some employers hire Karen for training followed by individual coaching as part of a comprehensive approach to professional development.

Business etiquette and professional communications are important parts of many leadership training and employee on-boarding programs.

Karen’s most popular programs for employers and conferences are:

  • Mistakes Smart People Make: Business Etiquette to Increase Teamwork, Income, and Professionalism
  • Dining Etiquette: Command New Confidence at Your Next Business Meal
  • Power Mingling: Network with Ease and Effectiveness
  • Digital Etiquette: Power Up Your Professionalism and Career