Litzinger Career Consulting offers affordable packages, tailored to individual client needs. Outplacement packages are available to employers seeking to help employees during downsizing. Evening appointments are offered for your convenience. Gift certificates are available. You can choose a package or hourly appointments. Appointments can be video or in-person. Most clients begin with an initial consultation which includes a $25 discount.

Karen Litzinger has over 25 years of experience and highest credentials including, Certified Career Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Board Certified Counselor.

Career coaches have expertise in the process of career decision-making and the job search, not typically in specific careers and industries.

Career Assessment Package

This package features six one-hour counseling sessions, and typically will include vocational testing. It will also include exercises on values assessment, skills assessment, career research, decision-making, and action planning. The purpose is to assist you in taking control of your career life so that you can make satisfying decisions and move forward confidently and effectively in the job search process or in the process of furthering your education.

Job Search Coaching Package

This package features six one-hour counseling sessions, and will typically include education and advisement on cover letter and resume writing, interview skill education and videotaped mock interviews, and coaching on networking, goal setting and job search strategizing. The purpose is to teach and critique effective skills in the job search process and help you step-by-step in moving toward gaining desired employment.

Student Advising Packages

Both the High School Advising Package (four sessions) and College Advising Package (five sessions) include vocational testing tailored to educational level, values and skills assessments, educational and career research and an action plan.  An alternative College Package is five sessions focused on the job search, including resume and cover letter coaching, mock interview, and job search strategy advising. The High School Advising Package concludes with a family meeting.

Retirement Package

Whether you are considering retirement or already there, this six session package will help you explore the next chapter of your life whether full-or part-time work, volunteering, classes, family, travel, or hobby development. Exercises on values, interests, personality and strengths along with a proprietary Retirement Path Assessment, will help you make thoughtful choices.

Outplacement Packages

Employers have a range of outplacement packages to choose from for assisting employees in transition. This can including outplacement workshops and individual coaching or a combination. Services are highly personalized and affordable.

Hourly Appointments

If your needs are very specific, such as only desiring a resume review or videotaped mock interview, you may prefer the hourly appointment option instead of a package.  Clients can choose hourly assistance for any services.

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