Karen A. Litzinger

Career counseling and job search coaching client testimonials

Following are excerpts from actual client evaluations, used with permission. I regularly solicit feedback from clients to continually improve my services. In a follow-up survey to clients, 92% responded that they would recommend my services to a friend.

What was most helpful was the fact that you listened to where I was and what I wanted, and then provided exactly that. It was not a "canned" service, but was aimed specifically at my goals. I'm very pleased and feel much more comfortable in making changes - don't feel as if there is "no way out".

-Tim Beck

If you are in a stale-mate with your job search, you need to try something different. Timing might be everything, but you can't realistically expect to be able to do it completely on your own - and that's okay. Karen had tremendous insight to the process and related it well to my style without compromising on key points she needed to make.

-Megan Campbell

I really enjoyed the sessions and thought I got a lot of bang for the buck. We covered a lot of ground, and that hour went by so fast. This was most helpful in building my self-confidence, and I got over my shyness about contacting strangers for networking.

-Joe Balukin

This was a great resource for a career-confused recent college grad such as myself! Everything was very helpful - the personality and interest career exercises as well as the job search strategies and tactics. You have been extremely helpful! Thank you.

-Jennifer Sterling

As a high school student the exercises helped me figure out what I'd like doing and what I would be good at. I was steered in a very different way than I would have thought, but I feel good about new options and my strengths.

-Jessica Halperin

I'm most satisfied with how the process helped identify Jessica's interests and values at this point in her high school career. Your communication with the family and presentation of material was excellent and very professional.

-Jennifer Halperin