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Litzinger Career Consulting publishes a every other month email newsletter highlighting employment trends as well as free career community programs. If you would like to receive the newsletter please email your request to Litzingerkaren@aol.com

Following are some sample articles from past newsletters:

Take Your Passion and Make It Happen (October 2014)
Gratitude Practices to Inspire You (September 2014)
Inspirational Reading (June 2014)
Thank You Notes: My Etiquette Take on a Post Office Sign (February 2014)
Planning for the Year and Beyond (January 2014)
A Special Thanksgiving Invitation (November 2013)
Student Loan Forgiveness (October 2013)
Finding a Future: 5 Tips for High School Students and Parents (September 2013)
Taking Stock - Planning for the New Year (January 2013)
Creating Space Poem (January 2013)
Is a Degree Worth It? (Spring 2012)
Gratitude Quotes (August through October 2012)
Gratitude Journal, Inspiration, and Humor (November 2012)
12 New Years Career Resolutions (January 2012)
When Is a Good Time to Change Careers or Jobs? (January 2011)
Tax Deductions for Job Seekers (January 2011)
Web Tip: Skills Site to Job Leads (October-November 2010)
Intern to Full-time for All Ages (October-November 2010)
Career Success is about Passion (July-August 2010)
Business Etiquette Tips: Email Etiquette (May-June 2010)
Green Jobs and Training (April-May 2010)
Holiday Party Season Etiquette (December 2009-January 2010)
How Employers Hire(Winter/Spring 2010)
Business Etiquette Tip: Texting(Winter/Spring 2010)
Pittsburgh Hot Jobs (Summer/Fall 2009)
Job Loss....Pet Loss...A Story (Summer/Fall 2009)
Be Aware, Be Prepared - Outplacement Tips (Winter/Spring 2009)
Hot Jobs with the Obama Transition (Winter/Spring 2009)
Netiquette: Email Tips (Winter/Spring 2009)
Retire Inspired (Summer/Fall 2008)
Boomer Barriers (Summer/Fall 2008)
Add Luck to Your Job Search (Winter/Spring 2008)
Monday Morning Career Blues? (Winter/Spring 2008)
Pennsylvania Hot Careers (Winter/Spring 2008)
Networking for Shy People (Summer/Fall 2007)
Is Entrepreneurship for You? (Summer/Fall 2007)
Hot Entrepreneurial Ideas (Summer/Fall 2007)
State Retirements and Jobs (Summer/Fall 2007)
Professional Dining Etiquette (Winter/Spring 2007)
Generation Next/Quarterlife Crisis(Winter/Spring 2007)
Hot Jobs at the Fed (Summer/Fall 2006)
Employment Projections(Summer/Fall 2006)
Pittsburgh Growth Companies (Summer/Fall 2006)
Best for Working Mothers (Summer/Fall 2006)
Good Jobs Without a 4 Year Degree (Winter/Spring 2006)
To College or Not To College? (Winter/Spring 2006)
Emerging Careers and Jobs (Winter/Spring 2006)
Health Careers in SW PA (Summer/Fall 2005)
Upgrading Your Computer Skills (Summer/Fall 2005)
The Attitude of Gratitude (Winter/Spring 2005)
Workers Over 50 (Winter/Spring 2005)
Federal Government Employment Tips (Summer/Fall 2004)
Regional Development (Winter/Spring 2004)