When Is a Good Time to Change Careers or Jobs? (January 2011)
By Karen Litzinger, MA, LPC

The short answer is: Now is the time to start! Because of the economic downturn, most people are simply grateful to have a job even if they are dissatisfied. So just hanging on becomes the focus.

Eventually the economy WILL turn around. And you want to be ready and not just beginning your thought process. You also want to be a step ahead of the crowd who also want to look for something new.

An October-November survey released by Manpower in December showed that 84% of employees plan to look for a new job in 2011. The figure was just 60% the year before.

If you are thinking of a job change, know that an average search takes 3-5 months...in good times! Since networking has the greatest success rate of 50-80% compared to search engines at 4-10%, you can and should begin now!

If you want to explore a career shift, add on at least another 3-5 months for your exploration and decision-making. When I work with clients in my six session Career Assessment Package, I say from the outset to allow at least 1 1/2 to 2 months after our meetings to complete the research and networking that was started through the career counseling process.

It's never too early to start!

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