Take Your Passion and Make It Happen (October 2014)
By Karen Litzinger, MA, LPC

Did you recognize the subject line as the theme from Flashdance, filmed here in Pittsburgh about the “steeltown girl” with a passion for dance? When I saw that movie in my mid-twenties and danced to the theme music in my living room, I rediscovered my passion for dance that started from dancing school days at age four. What interest from the past might you want to rediscover? Perhaps it can give you a lead for a career move, or perhaps it can just enrich your life.

Someone then suggested the local dance studio would be happy to have me as a student, so I took ballet and jazz in Ohio and also when I moved back to Pittsburgh. I then moved on to creative, improvisational movement, turned a room in my house into a dance space, and co-founded our church dance choir.

This past February after hearing a band at the Pittsburgh Art House in a living room smaller than mine and having two friends dance with me in my dining room after a church dinner, I got this brainstorm that I wanted to host dance parties at my house! So I “took my passion and made it happen” as I celebrated my 55th birthday earlier this month with 11 dancing friends.

Listening to three minute segments of the top 25 songs of each year on this very cool website was so much fun as I planned my Dancing through the Decades playlist of 55 favorite songs. That and dancing most every day to my discoveries were almost as much fun as the party itself! I think the whole month was the most fun I've had in years! So I invite you to think about what interest or passion you'd like to bring more into your life. Perhaps it's a hobby or perhaps a social issue you want to devote energy to.

I most remember career theorist Donald Super broadening career planning to life planning through the Life Rainbow and roles we play beyond worker including "leisurite" and "citizen." The fields of counseling, wellness and coaching follow this integrated approach. So even if you don't pursue your passion as a career, maybe you, like me, can still "have it all." (Alert: you'll be noticing this song now on Publisher's Clearinghouse commercials.)

Just make sure you like your paycheck job enough so you have time and energy left for your leisure activities (working FOR the weekend usually doesn't work long term)!


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