State Retirements and Jobs (Summer/Fall 2007)
By Karen Litzinger, MA, LPC

An April 2007 WDUQ report noted that approximately 4000 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employees are expected to retire by June 30. The State Employee's Retirement System website confirmed this noting that most of the retirements are expected to be at the end of June and that this is the normal volume for an entire year!
Perhaps this means more state job opportunities! Although some may not be filled for financial reasons, this could be the time to check out these sites:

All PA Civil Service Jobs
This web site contains state civil service jobs posted through the PA State Civil Service Commission. The “Job Opportunities” link will take you to the complete list of openings called “Summary of Civil Service Examinations”. Some jobs require a timed written test, but some consider a supplemental application the exam. Based on scoring, a list of top candidates is sent to the hiring agency and the top three are interviewed, unless there is a veteran's preference situation. Robert Breen, Assistant Manager, Western Region, of the PA State Civil Service Commission, advises to apply only for positions for which the minimum qualifications and for which you are willing to accept the location assignment noted. Another tip he gave is to send a transcript if required coursework is not clearly indicated by the title of your major. Check out the “Recruitment Spotlight” for areas of urgent need.

PA Non-Civil Service Jobs
The Bureau of State Employment provides referrals to state agencies under the governor's jurisdiction which are non-civil service. A typed, scannable resume and the formal Personal Data Sheet application are required. Your application is on file for one year. Actual openings are under “Immediate Needs”. There are not other job listings, but there is a link called “Jobs We Fill” that are typical jobs the agency does referrals for, and includes a “Hard to Fill” link. 30% of State jobs are filled through this agency. Only the Clerk Typist position requires an examination.

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