Planning for the Year and Beyond (January 2014)
By Karen Litzinger, MA, LPC

One January several years ago I was flying to Houston to visit my brother and wrote down some goals for the year. I know I should do it more regularly, but I don't. True confessions....I didn't look at that goal sheet for many months. I'm not sure where it was when I found it that summer but when I looked at it, I was amazed. I had set a goal to quit a contract career counseling job on a specific date in May, and discovered I had done so within three days of that date! I truly had forgotten that I set that specific goal, but I believe my intention and writing it down produced the result. Perhaps you've had or heard of similar experiences?

One of my clients did some research on New Year's Resolutions to include as a helpful information with his update to friends who have been helping him in the job search. He found that nearly half of Americans set resolutions each year, but 88% said they did not follow them. Yet 12% did! To improve your odds pick only a few resolutions, take baby steps and hold yourself accountable by telling others or writing them down.

This Christmas one of my presents was the book, Where will you be five years from today? It's a nice workbook type of resource. One section encouraged setting goals in each area of your Wheel of Life:

You can use some of these or or create your own categories. This is similar to many life coaching exercises. I used something like this for a church group recently. Click here for an exercise and visual resource.

And if greater career satisfaction is one of the areas of your life you want to improve, please keep in mind my services. Best wishes for peace and dreams realized in the coming year!

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