Taking Stock - Planning for the New Year (January 2013)
By Karen Litzinger, MA, LPC

On my way to an October retreat, I grabbed my Year End Reflections file since I had been in such a reflective spirit this year. So I'd like to share an exercise with you that has been especially meaningful to me since it is still January and there is time to still plan for a meaningful 2013!

I may have set periodical yearly goals and occasional resolutions, but have been most regular with this particular reflection exercise. It was offered as a year-end/beginning of year writing exercise by my minister Reverend David Herndon of First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh from 1998 through 2005. As a matter of fact, it was pulling out this file that significantly helped me to decide to start my business in 2001!


Reflective Writing 1

As the year turns, we may be especially aware of positive changes as well as losses we have sustained. In reviewing the past year, we may wish to address these questions:

What positive changes did I experience?
What am I thankful for?
What losses or sorrows did I experience?
What do I wish to keep from this past year?
What would I like to release?

Reflective Writing 2

As the year turns and we encounter an opportunity for a new beginning, we may be especially aware of hopes we would like to fulfill or areas in our lives where we would like to become more mindful. In anticipation of the coming year, we may wish to address these questions:

What hopes or plans do I have for my life that are now ready to be fulfilled?
In what ways would I like to become more mindful?
What inner resources and spiritual strengths can I tap to help?

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