Job Loss....Pet Loss...A Story (Summer/Fall 2009)
By Karen Litzinger, MA, LPC

My clients and colleagues know that my profession includes helping people deal with job loss. What you might not know is that I have a special interest in pet loss, and have been working on a CD, Heal Your Heart Coping with the Loss of a Pet for over two years.

It all ties together really. Similar feelings of loss and grief apply as was made famous by the book, On Death and Dying, by Elizabeth Kubler Ross. It is natural and normal in either loss to have feelings of shock, denial, depression, anxiety and eventually, acceptance and even hope. Loss can also affect you physically and mentally.

The inspiration for my CD came after the death of my dog, Pepper, which was followed four months later by the death of my dog, Zep. As one reviewer noted, it is "more than an audio book, it is an experiential journey of healing"...insights and affirmations accompanied by soothing harp music. Whether to have on hand when you most need it or to give as a gift to a pet lover friend, please check out Available beginning August 1.

Another good resource for pet loss support is For job loss coping, check out the multiple resources at

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